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Rovercraft is an exciting arcade journey, played on the hills of distant planets on a rover that you have built. Because you design your vehicle, its success depends on YOU!

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Equip your vehicle with jet engines, reactors, super-wheels and more!

Drive your monster rover carefully – there are many dangers ahead. You might run out of fuel, meet a steep and rugged slope, your vehicle may lose its wheels, or your pilot may get a tear in his space suit.

Space pilot building a rover

Build your rover

Only your imagination is the limit of what obstacles your craft can overcome. Make it whatever it needs to be!

Challenge your driving skill

Not only do you get to build your rover, you will have to pilot it as well. Will it withstand the tricky layout of the planets you encounter or will it crumble in the hands of your driving skill?

Space pilot driving a rover
Satisfied pilot after completing a course

Complete the course

Completing the course is the ultimate proof of a perfect match between man and machine — rover and pilot coexisting in harmony.